Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Available for custom, commissioned projects or by the square foot (milled, sanded and stained).


We only use pallet wood for our reclaimed wood line. Although most pallets in the US are now repurposed or chipped for mulch or animal bedding, pallets that cannot be taken to a plant where they can be repurposed are often taken to the landfill, burned or left to rot out in the open. This seems like such a waste, because pallet wood has been worn to a beautifully vintage look. We locally source our pallets in Gunnison County from businesses, state and federal agencies.

It's takes a lot of time to collect, de nail, breakdown, plane, sand and seal a pallet board but we think the end product speaks for itself. We sell pallet planks in 2, 3, and 4 inch width in various lengths and thicknesses. Most of the wood species is Southern yellow pine or Oak along with a mix of various species like poplar, cedar, redwood, and aspen.

We are careful to choose only the best pallets avoiding those with oil, stains, or those that are not stamped. We do not use pallets that are not clearly identified in how the pallet was treated. Only DB (debarked) or HT (heat treated) pallets are used.

All our boards are milled so they fit together tightly for wainscoting or they can be used for crafts or furniture building. All boards are sealed with a natural danish oil to protect the surface and to bring out the individuality and beauty of each piece.


$8 sq foot 3” boards 

$10 sq foot 2,3,4” board mix 

$12 sq foot 4” boards (4” boards are rare and takes more pallets to accumulate) 

$12 sq foot 2” boards (more labor and waste involved to make 2” boards)



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